Gourmet Lollipops

Leccare Lollipops

This bouquet of beautiful lollipops comes from maker, Kimberly Hadlock of
Athens, GA. One look at her Instagram @leccare_lollipops and we had to find out what these gourmet lollipops were all about. Kimberly, is small business powerhouse that truly stands by her community of female entrepreneurs. Her creativity for recipes of eye catching sweet and savory lollipops compliment any whimsical occasion. You don’t need to be at a wedding or frolicking through a rose garden to enjoy these. Throw on a
romantic comedy and daydream the weekend away! We expect some killer Insta pics of these!
Some Fun Facts:
Marshmallow & Hibiscus: We start with our marshmallow simple syrup and then carefully pull fresh ground hibiscus flower powder. 

Rose & Honey: Sweet local honey from Savannah Bee Co. of Athens GA is slowly drizzled into these small batch lollipops. They sprinkle in fresh organic ground rose petals that are grown just for Leccare!!  The end is this sweet perfect lollipop with a slight floral kick at the end. 

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