Aqua Hyaluronic Solution Sheet Mask

Shine Tree

Portable Multi Functional Mask Pack! Shine tree 3step mask pack is now presented in the multifunctional Pack solution for easy and time-saving skincare treatment at home! Now it is organized in 3-in-1 Solution - Cleansing Foam, Essential Mask and Nutrition Cream - all in One mask pack! * // AQUA HYALURONIC SOLUTION MASK A dual functional mask pack containing niacinamide and adenosine to reduce skin wrinkles and help whiten skin. Contains sodium hyaluronate to provide skin with sufficient hydration, giving smooth and soft skin texture while helping to maintain skin moisture all day long. Betaine, allantoin help to soothe tired skin under external environmental stress, giving smoother skin while honey extracts hydrate the skin and help maintain moist and healthy skin.

Category: sheet mask

Type: Sheet Mask

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