How often will my subscription be re-billed and when do boxes ship?

All subscriptions are an automatic renewal and will be refilled 30 days from your sign-up date.

What if I want to skip/cancel?

You can "skip" or "cancel" a box by logging into your account and making the adjustment.  For further assistance please reach out to support@lostblvd.com If Lost BLVD.™ is not for you, it's ok you are free to cancel at anytime. **But certain dates and exceptions apply. For instance if you must cancel your subscription before the 1st of the month to avoid the renewal charge. Rest assured you will receive that box you were charged for but we cannot refund or return the box we shipped you. We are committed to happy customers and IF you do cancel, please let us know why.

Shipping Rates

Subscription boxes are a standard shipping rate of $5.95 for domestic and $25 for international.  The shipping rates for shop orders are: $1-149 is $5.95, $150-449.00 is $15.00 and $550+ is $75.  

What sizes should I pick for my profile?

We are currently curating for customers up to 3x.  During the checkout process you will be guided through our size chart.

Subscription Prices

Month-to-Month $60, 3 month Subscription $150, 1 year VIP membership $550, and $5.95 standard shipping per box. VIP annual members will get early access to collections and makers, shop 20% off site wide during their subscription time and lots of other perks. 

What if I don't like something in my box? (Refunds/exchanges)

We have put a lot of thought into what goes in these boxes with the idea that everything can be gifted if it isn't for you. Lost BLVD. does not refund or take back any boxes or including items we ship as part of a subscription box. However, if for some reason you are unsatisfied or received a damaged product please email support@lostblvd.com, and give us the opportunity to resolve your issue.

 Refunds/Exchanges from our shop

We will refund/exchange any items purchased from our shop within 7 days following delivery. All items must be returned unworn with tags attached. To process a return/exchange you must contact support@lostblvd.com to process the return. You will be responsible for shipping the products back to Lost. Blvd. Returns will be credited back the purchase total less the standard shipping fee once the item is received. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to process to your account. 

What's in the box?

Lost Blvd.™ is a lifestyle subscription box.   Each month you will get a themed box with premium product from inspired brands. The Lost box will have a minimum retail value of $100+ at your subscription price. The gifts in your box will vary from clothing, beauty, books, food, accessories and more.  We want you enjoy a mix of new essentials + trends that will elevate your everyday with the excitement to wander and get LOST!

Is my information safe and is this a secure site?

YES! We are powered by Shopify. Shopify uses industry standard encryption techniques and stores all personally identifying information in a secure manner. In addition, Shopify stores all Credit card information with a third party PCI compliant credit card vault. All checkout and logged in customer actions (such as modifying their subscriptions) occur over an industry-standard SSL connection. Our payment processing service is Stripe and certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1. **Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technologies provide you a secure shopping experience. SSL encrypts your sensitive information during the online transaction. To ensure that the connection is secure, look for https://secure in the URL.

What will you do with my information?

We do not rent, sell or otherwise share any of your personal information with anyone or any business. As a general matter, we use and store this information simply to personalize and improve your user experience. We share information with third parties (for shipping, secure payment etc.).

Want your products featured in our box?

Of course, we would love to have you! Keep in mind we prefer brands and stores with a strong mindful story that aligns with our mission. If you are a brand that is woman empowered, even better! Please submit product, story and your "why" to stefani@lostblvd.com

Want to join our affiliate program as part of "Lost Dreamers" or review a box?

Please reach out to social@lostblvd.com